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Fringe needs volunteers

The Bergen Fringe Festival is an explosion of creativity.


Bergen Fringe is an annual international festival for the free professional and the unestablished performing arts field. Fringe is a term associated with as many as 250 festivals around the world. We offer varied means of expression, which provide experiences you rarely get at other festivals.


We need you in order to make this our best and most smooth running festival yet!

As a volunteer
you get:

Free tickets

1 to 2 tickets for each of your shifts. (depending on the length of your shift)

Fringe Merch

If the festival has merch, you'll get some of it for free.

Work certificate

You can ask for a work certificate after you're done working with the festival.

Social events

We try to host social events before as well as under the festival where snacks and drinks will be provided. Come and get to know new people as well as indulge in the world of a Fringe Festival.

Food on shift

You'll be provided with free food and drinks while working for the festival.

Work with skillfull proffesionals

You get to see the festival machinery from the inside, you also get to meet and work with skillfull proffesionals.


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